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Recommended for students who are already learning an instrument. Improvisation club provides an environment for musical experimentation and expression within a small group of 2-3 students,

About Improvisation Club

Our weekly Improvisation Club will engage in guided improvisational activities aimed at improving critical thinking, expression, and musical communication within a group environment. It promotes a sense of togetherness and support amongst members, whilst developing an understanding to the intricacies of group performances.

Improvisation is crucial to musicians, developing important skills and techniques not usually taught in typical classroom / structured lesson plans. Improvisation is the art of spontaneous musical creation, essentially composing on the spot using musical intuition.

Unlike reading and understanding sheet music, which may become repetitive and leaving students feeling disengaged, improvisation is a new experience every single time a student engages with it. Improvisation can motivate students who otherwise may be disengaged in the structures music learning environment, and can re-energise engagement.

It provides an alternative pathway for students to learn and understand technical concepts such as scales and structures, understanding them in a live example rather than out of a book. It’s often easy to get lost within the notes, but improvisation forces you to think about the song as a whole, anticipating the development of a song through recognising note patterns and structures.

Ultimately, music is meant to be a form of expression, and a vessel of emotional communication. Improvisation can assist students uncover their musical voice and identity, with the activity being completely controlled and owned by the student.

Recommended for students who are already learning an instrument.

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