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Term 1, 2023

Starts Tuesday, 31st January

WHEN: Tuesdays 3:15pm-4pm


COST: $250 (10 week term)

INSTRUCTOR: Isabel Sargon

Fill in our new student form.

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WHEN: Tuesdays 6:45-8pm

AGES:  Adult

COST:  $150 (10 week term)

INSTRUCTOR: Jeremias Sosa

We are a group of locals who enjoy singing in a casual, friendly environment with other like minded people! If you enjoy music and singing please feel free to join us anytime!

Email Amanda to book.

Singing lessons at Player 1 are tailor-made for any skill level and age, from absolute beginner to experienced singer needing a tune-up of their technique. Every lesson is highly individualised and student led, whatever you desire to learn we can provide!


Sing like a rock star or learn classical techniques, whatever you like; your voice is your instrument! 


From your first lesson our singing teacher Nonie will inform and encourage healthy singing approaches to help you build and maintain a happy and strong singing voice. Focus will be put on vocal health, building musicianship, strengthening aural skills, stagecraft, the list goes on!


Singing lessons are individually catered to you, ensuring lessons are appropriate to age, ability, taste in music, learning style and range.


Our curriculum covers key elements of vocal instruction, from warm-ups, scales, breath control, to resonance training, harmonies and more. Learn the correct way to breathe, phrase and sing from the heart!



Strengths for learning singing from a young age include:


  • Boosted confidence

  • Self-expression

  • Strengthening of aural (listening) skills

  • Improvement of speaking skills (through diction exercises)

  • Memory retention

  • Healthy breathing and body awareness


Player 1 offers group and individual vocal lessons for all skill levels, ages 5 years and over. 



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