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A Bit About Me





Our Music Exploration classes introduce young children to the building blocks of music in a fun and engaging group setting.


These classes are specifically designed for younger children who are not yet ready for private instrumental lessons.​


Our classes create positive experiences to foster the enjoyment of learning and playing music. 


It's a great place to start learning music!


In these classes, your child will:

  • Build confidence to express themselves through music.

  • Have the opportunity to compose music with their group members.

  • Explore the difference between rhythm and beat. 

  • Learn to keep the beat.



With a hands-on approach, we build on your child’s natural feeling for rhythm, melody and harmony as we start introducing them to instruments and musical genres. Children are encouraged to engage with music using a variety of instruments and methods, including their voices!


We have found through many years of experience that students who learn the foundations of music in a group environment have more confidence to go forward in their learning, and are more likely to be team players. After all, that's what musicians do — they play together! 


This course is not instrument-specific, although we do expose students to different instruments and give them the opportunity to play different notes and melodies across different instruments.

Students learn about:


  • Note values

  • Subdivisions

  • Counting

  • Rhythm

  • Dictation

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