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A Bit About Me

Learn to write and compose your own songs! 

We offer a program to teach you to write, produce and digitally record your own song! 


With a guided experience, you’ll receive a copy of your song at the end of term.


No music experience is required.


This is a tasting plate for a lot of different instruments. You’ll get to try each instrument and you’ll be exposed to different instruments and styles of music.


Our songwriting program is led by Matthew Lyall Cole, PhD. Matthew is a versatile music maestro and inspiring educator! He is a prolific session musician, composer, and seasoned teacher and he brings a wealth of experience across diverse musical genres.


With a deep expertise in percussion, including drum set and mallet percussion,Matthew seamlessly integrates modern music technology, recording techniques, and mixing procedures into his teaching approach.


Beyond his role as a music educator, Matthew contributes to the academic realm as a researcher at Edith Cowan University. Specialising in neuroscience and music perception, his research delves into timbral perception and musical hierarchy, adding a unique depth to his teaching methodology. Discover the art of songwriting today!

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