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We offer classes and tuition for students preparing for GATE (Gifted & Talented School programs) or WAAPA (Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts) and other auditions.


Do you have plans to make a career out of music? 


Player 1 Music School can help you.

4 Week specialist program

We provide a four-week specialist support program for students with ambitions to audition for gifted and talented school programs (Churchlands, John Curtin etc), live shows or WAAPA courses. 


You’ll learn and practise the theory needed for auditions, repertoire strategies and tips and tricks of the performing arts trade.


Audition intensive Workshop

 We offer a one-off class for students preparing for auditions. We’ll give you resources to take home to help you prepare for theoretical aspects of an audition. We’ll give you support for the practical aspects as well, such as repertoire choice and practise strategies.


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