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Player 1 is not your regular music school! 


As a family owned and operated small business we're proud of the welcoming, stress free, family friendly venue we have created; Player 1 is truly a unique, creative and exciting place to learn music!

Player 1 was founded in July 2014 on Fitzgerald Street in North Perth by Michael de Grussa and Amanda Porrins. Michael had been working as a musician and managing music schools for many years when he decided to start his own music school. With the vision of creating a place where both kids and adults would feel excited to visit and inspired to learn music, it didn't take long before the parents and kids in the community embraced the concept! As a bonus, Michael had a place to store his retro game collection in the waiting area!

Player 1 moved to 5 Woodville Lane in 2017, we are located next to Playgroup WA, North Perth Town Hall, North Perth Primary School and the Angove Street Cafe Strip. Michael has since moved on to other pursuits, and Amanda now runs Player 1 alongside her team of music educators. She has collected the best and brightest in Perth who really embrace the Player 1 ethos! Each teacher has their unique style and talents and they are all passionate about music education.

Player 1 Video Arcade also hosts kids and adults birthday parties, school holiday lock-ins and events!

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