Player 1 is not your regular music school! 


As a family owned/operated small business we're proud of the welcoming, stress free, family friendly venue we have created.  Player 1 is truly a unique, creative and exciting place to learn music.

Player 1 was founded in July 2014 on Fitzgerald Street in North Perth by Michael de Grussa, a Perth musician. Michael had been working as a musician and managing music schools for many years when he decided to start his own music school. He wanted to create a place where both kids and adults would feel excited to visit and inspired to learn music. It didn't take long before the parents and kids in the Perth community embraced his vision and as a bonus he had a place to share his retro game collection in the waiting area!

Player 1 moved to 5 Woodville Lane in 2017.  We are now located next to Playgroup WA, North Perth Lesser Hall, North Perth Primary School and the Angove Street Cafe Strip.  We have collected the best and brightest young music educators in Perth who really embrace the Player 1 ethos; each teacher has their unique style of teaching and they are all passionate about music education.

The Player 1 Video Arcade has evolved from Michael's original console collection to arcade games such as Donkey Kong, Galaga and Space Invaders. We now have the space to hold kids and adults birthday parties and events!

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Michael de Grussa is Player 1's co-founder. He started his music career performing in restaurants, hotels and bars around Perth, Western Australia in 1999, including the legendary Mojo's in Fremantle. He has released two albums of original work.  

In 2003 he was the bass player for Fremantle band The Kill Devil Hills. In 2005 he became the session piano player for Australian rock group Eskimo Joe and played with them for the 'Black Fingernails, Red Wine' tour. Michael's passion for music started in his early teens while at Scotch College playing the bagpipes which he learnt from his dad, Norm de Grussa. He has studied music theory however he is mostly self taught on many of the instruments he plays; piano, bass, guitar, double bass, harmonica and the banjo to name a few. 

His philosophy on music teaching is that lessons are not a one size fits all, lessons should be fun and not a chore. He performs at events, weddings, festivals, bars and restaurants around WA.  

Amanda Porrins is Player 1 co-founder, manager, web designer, party co-ordinator & marketing director and supervises the day to day management of the music school. 


Amanda also organises vouchers and fundraising for schools, charities and community events.  


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Cain drums.jpg

Cain is currently completing his Bachelor of Education (Secondary) at WAAPA. He has seven years teaching experience in music schools. His lessons are catered to student and parent goals. He begins with rudiments basic patterns teach beat and a fill. He prefers to teach his students songs they enjoy listening to, although examples of songs he recommends for beginners are Another One Bites the Dust and Smoke on the Water. 

He also helps with the day to day management of the school.


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Lisa Drag has been teaching piano for 10+ years and is currently pursuing more music by studying secondary education at WAAPA, with a passion for classical and contemporary piano; Lisa enjoys teaching all ages and has a love for watching music bring depth and joy into her students’ lives; both child and adult. Lisa has accompanied the Catholic school choir festivals and WAGSM (government school choir festivals) at Mandurah Performing Arts Centre. She encourages her students to collaborate with other musicians whenever possible whether it be in duets, playing in a band or accompanying fellow instrumentalists or vocalists. The composer Rachmaninov left us this quote “Music is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is not enough for music!” 


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With 10+ years of guitar and bass teaching experience, Shaun is a seasoned teacher with a strong passion for music and guiding students through their musical journey of all ages and levels. After studying at W.A.A.P.A for his Advanced Diploma in contemporary music in 2008 he has been honing his craft since while being an active musician performing regularly at some of Perth's top venues including international gigs. Playing with his corporate band, Little Belle, he has played alongside international touring acts such as Boy George, Mental as Anything, Ice House, Marcia Hines and Daryl Braithwaite. Book your free trial lesson!

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Will has been learning piano since the age of 8, and has been teaching since 2016. He has just completed his Bachelor of Music at WAAPA, majoring in jazz piano. He can also offer voice, saxophone and guitar lessons. 

As a teacher Will enjoys helping others to learn to play and likes to focus on finding material that engages his students, motivates them to practice for fun, and helps them play music they want to play (whilst sneaking in some theory and technique practice). This can be through choosing to focus on genres students enjoy, songs they bring in to learn or goals they have set for themselves (e.g. being able to improvise, playing the soundtrack from Harry Potter etc.). He is able to teach classical, contemporary or jazz styles to students of any experience level or age. 


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Teaching combines two great pillars of joy in Matt's life; playing music and working with children. Matt has had been learning the piano since he was six years old. After acquiring the fundamentals, the way he has primarily learnt music is intuitively and by feeling, which to him is the most important part. He has a well developed natural feel for the piano and refined technical ability. His teaching approach is  to first establish a love for the creative and playful side of music then allowing that to express itself through a good understanding of theory and technique.   Book your free trial lesson!


Aiden started teaching guitar in 2017 and is  currently completing a Bachelor of Jazz Performance. He has completed ATAR Music, a High Fidelity music industry course and 11 years of private instruction.


Aiden is new to Player 1 in 2020 so we asked him a few questions about himself!

How old where you when you began learning guitar?

I was 7 years old


What other instruments do you play?

Guitar, Bass and Ukulele (and I'm trying to learn piano)


What are your strengths as a guitar teacher?

My strengths as a teacher are structuring lessons and practice routines through the evaluation of individual students and ensuring measurable progress in students. I think it's important to give students a fundamental understanding of music, as well as the necessary instrumental skills to perform it.


What do you like about teaching guitar?

I enjoy perpetuating a love for music, and the satisfaction of creating and evaluating measurable progress in students.

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Nonie Singing:Piano teacher Professional


After completing study at a Certificate 4 and Diploma level in performance of Musical Theatre and Jazz Performance respectively, Nonie is currently in her third year undertaking her bachelor of music majoring in jazz performance. Nonie has been performing from a young age and has been involved with numerous events with The City of Perth and Telethon.


Nonie has studied and taught singing in a variety of styles and genres, and has a focus on nurturing confidence and a love for music in conjunction with providing a sound technique in a fun and supportive environment. Nonie runs the North Perth Community Adult Singing Group Tuesday nights during school term from Player 1. If you enjoy singing and would like to learn a few basics in a casual environment with like minded people, please feel free to join us 6:45pm for a 7pm start. The sessions run for an hour and only cost $10. 

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Daniel is completing his final bachelor year at the University of Western Australia specialising in Music / Music Specialist Studies, Majoring in Composition.

He has experience within the film and musical theatre arenas. Daniel has scored successful short films for film festivals and composed, orchestrated and directed musical productions. Daniel is classically trained in piano, clarinet and music theory. His career goals are to pursue a vocation in film composition and musical education.

How old where you when you began learning piano?

I started learning piano at 6 years old under private tuition. 

What other instruments do you play?

Besides from Piano being my primary instrument, I am also a very capable Clarinetist. 

What are your strengths as a piano teacher?

My background in composition and classical music theory provide the foundation for my teaching and mentoring approach. I focus primarily on teaching core musical concepts through fun and engaging activities, taking inspiration from my love of composition. This is something which many new students do not get exposure to whilst traversing the capabilities of their instrument.

What do you like about teaching piano?

The most enjoyable aspect for me is watching my students grow and develop as strong and technically competent musicians. There is nothing more rewarding as a teacher than to see your students succeed (and sometimes exceed) your own musical capabilities and aspirations. I believe musicians who have been given an opportunity to learn music have a responsibility to pass on their craft and experiences with future generations of music students.

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Player 1 Meet the Team


What Teacher Training have you completed?

I have been a Secondary School teacher in the subject of Music and Choral.

I have taught Piano as a private teacher for over 40 years.

I am a registered AMEB (Australia Music Examinations Board) piano teacher (Teacher’s Code 33030).



What year did you start teaching piano?


What music qualifications have you completed?

Bachelor of Education (Secondary - Music) – Shanghai China

Diploma of Music (Piano) – Shanghai China

What music training or short courses have you completed?

Classical Piano Lessons

Choir conductor course

Piano accordion Lessons


How old where you when you began learning piano?

7 years old

What other instruments do you play?

I am also an accomplished Piano Accordion player.


What are your strengths as a piano teacher?

I am extremely patient and methodical. I encourage students to reach their potential with an emphasis on good foundation and good techniques. My aim is for music to be forever part of my students’ lives and for music to continue enriching them.


What do you like about teaching piano?

I enjoy seeing my students grow their appreciation for music, improve their musical ability and music forming an integral part of their self growth and shaping their lives. 

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Jeremias has been playing Guitar for over 18 years. With a broad knowledge in theory, live performance, audio production and contemporary/world music he moved to Australia in 2014 after finishing a Bachelor in Sound Designing.

He is currently studying Jazz at the Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts.

Jeremias uses his influences of world music and experience in teaching students of all ages and all levels to offer a unique approach to teaching; focusing on hands-on learning to maximise student enjoyment.

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