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Player 1 is not your regular music school! 



As a family owned and operated small business we're proud of the welcoming, stress free, family friendly venue we have created; Player 1 is truly a unique, creative and exciting place to learn music!

Player 1 was founded in July 2014 on Fitzgerald Street in North Perth by Michael de Grussa and Amanda Porrins. Michael had been working as a musician and managing music schools for many years when he decided to start his own music school. With the vision of creating a place where both kids and adults would feel excited to visit and inspired to learn music, it didn't take long before the parents and kids in the community embraced the concept! As a bonus, Michael had a place to store his retro game collection in the waiting area!

Player 1 moved to 5 Woodville Lane in 2017, we are located next to Playgroup WA, North Perth Town Hall, North Perth Primary School and the Angove Street Cafe Strip. Michael has since moved on to other pursuits, and Amanda now runs Player 1 alongside her team of music educators. She has collected the best and brightest in Perth who really embrace the Player 1 ethos! Each teacher has their unique style and talents and they are all passionate about music education.

Player 1 Video Arcade also hosts kids and adults birthday parties, school holiday lock-ins and events!

Scroll down to read more about our team of teachers below...

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Michael de Grussa


Michael started his music career performing in restaurants, hotels and bars around Perth, Western Australia in 1999, including the legendary Mojo's in Fremantle. He has released two albums of original work.  

In 2003 he was the bass player for Fremantle band The Kill Devil Hills. In 2005 he became the session piano player for Australian rock group Eskimo Joe and played with them for the 'Black Fingernails, Red Wine' tour. Michael's passion for music started in his early teens while at Scotch College playing the bagpipes which he learnt from his dad, Norm de Grussa. 

His philosophy on music teaching is that lessons are not a one size fits all, lessons should be fun and not a chore.


He performs at events, weddings, festivals, bars and restaurants around WA as a solo artist, or with his band and in collaboration with the Murphy Brothers.

Isabel Sargon Headshot .jpeg

Isabel Sargon

Vocal and Piano Teacher

Isabel Sargon has an innate talent for Music and has completed their Jazz Music Honours at the World Class Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts. Isabel Sargon specialises in both vocal and piano lessons. 


Isabel is regarded as a highly versatile and established musician. Additionally Isabel has performed at The State Ledger Theatre of WA, Downstairs at His Majestys, The Ellington Jazz Club, etc. Isabel is a valued member of multiple WAAPA Jazz ensembles throughout the year and has played an integral role at the Perth International Jazz Festivals & alongside the Western Australian Jazz Orchestra. 


Isabel focuses to create a warm and supportive learning environment and personalizes their teaching approach, which allows each student to develop a comprehensive understanding of both Music Theory and Performance. 


Isabel's technical skills are vastly beyond their years delivering an effortless sound creating striking and eye-catching performances for audiences of all ages. 

- Coralie Kan (WAAPA Alumni).

Isabel offers group or private lessons in both singing and piano and runs our Choir. They also offer advanced tutoring for students preparing for ATAR music or tertiary level music programs and exams.

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Hannah Lausevic

Guitar and Piano Teacher

Hello aspiring musicians! I'm Hannah, I am a passionate music enthusiast ready to assist you to embark on your musical journey at Player 1 Music School. My goal is to cultivate a positive and nurturing learning environment, helping students unlock their potential and build the confidence to explore, experiment, and create beautiful music on the piano and guitar.



Currently pursuing a Bachelor of Music Education at Edith Cowan University, I am committed to honing my teaching skills and staying updated with the latest in music education practices.


My musical journey has been enriched through participation in diverse ensembles across various genres. Under the guidance of William Curtis from 2015-2020, I cultivated a broad musical range, refined collaborative skills, and gained confidence in live performances.

In 2020, I completed ATAR music, delving into Contemporary and Jazz genres while fulfilling the performance aspect of the course in the Classical realm. This included regular solo and group performances, fostering a deep appreciation for diverse musical expressions.


Having played the piano since 2014 and received lessons from the talented Danielle Mayors since 2019, my piano journey has been equally fulfilling. As a church pianist, I accompany congregational singing and various ensembles, blending my passion for music with a sense of community.

My involvement in community choirs, including the Bunbury Young Voices from 2015 to 2020, has not only strengthened my musical abilities but also enhanced my collaborative skills.


I am thrilled to share my knowledge, passion, and dedication with the students at Player 1 Music School. Let's embark on a musical journey together, where learning is an adventure and every note brings us closer to our musical aspirations! 

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Amanda Porrins

Co-founder, Manager

Amanda is the owner and co-founder of Player 1 Music School and Games.


Working closely with her team, she supervises the day to day running of the music school, including group programs, school holiday workshops and all-inclusive music groups.


Amanda also organises vouchers and fundraising for schools, charities and community events as well as functions and birthday parties at Player 1 and after school care groups. 


Contact Amanda if you have any queries about our music lessons, or vouchers for fund-raising for your school or organisation.

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Laura Kendall

Vocal and Piano Teacher

Laura has completed a Bachelor of Music, Specialising in Contemporary Vocals. Her lessons for beginners are perfect for students exploring singing and music and those who love to sing or those with an interest in learning more techniques to improve skill! 

Her intermediate lessons are geared towards students doing high school music programs supporting classroom learning from school and learning techniques to prepare students for tests and exams


Laura's advanced intensive singing lessons are extremely beneficial for those preparing for ATAR music or tertiary level music programs, with a focus on technical and theoretical knowledge.


Her Audition Focus sessions are individually programmed for students with ambitions to audition for gifted and talented school programs (Churchlands, John Curtin etc), live shows or WAAPA. Sessions include an introduction to theory needed for auditions.


Laura also teaches piano, session are suitable for students learning music for the first time or wanting to learn or develop piano skills


Laura's theory lessons offer an introduction to basic theory knowledge to supplement classroom and individual instrument lessons. For more intermediate students she provides tutoring for students who want to get ahead or students needing more individual learning.

At an advanced level, Laura can provide intensive tutoring for students preparing for ATAR music or tertiary level music programs and exams.


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Ethan Wallis

Guitar, Bass, Ukulele Teacher

Discover the Joy of Guitar with Ethan Wallis! 

Meet Ethan, our friendly Perth-based guitar and bass maestro originally from the beautiful landscapes of New Zealand. Currently immersed in the world of jazz guitar, Ethan brings a wealth of experience playing across diverse styles, including jazz, jazz fusion, rock, contemporary Christian music (CCM), and folk.

Ethan's musical journey began at the tender age of 5, and his love for the guitar has only grown stronger since. Not only is he a skilled self-taught bassist since age 11, but he has also graced many Perth stages with his presence, showcasing his talents in various bands and venues across the city.

What Ethan Offers: Versatility: Whether it's electric or acoustic guitar, bass, or even the sweet strums of a ukulele, Ethan is well-versed in an array of instruments.

Musical Expertise: With a degree in jazz guitar and a rich background in music theory, Ethan offers a comprehensive learning experience.

Ethan's Teaching Journey: For the past four years, Ethan has been sharing his passion for music with aspiring guitarists and bassists. For the last two years, he's been a valued member of the Player 1 family, bringing his friendly and approachable teaching style to students eager to explore the world of strings


Join Ethan on a musical adventure where learning is fun, and every strum brings you closer to your guitar dreams. Let's create music together!

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Guitar Teacher & Band Program Facilitator

Program Co-ordinator

Jeremias (Jere) has been playing Guitar for over 18 years and studied Jazz at the Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts. 


With a broad knowledge in theory, live performance, audio production and contemporary/world music he moved to Australia in 2014 from Argentina after finishing a Bachelor in Sound Designing.


Jeremias uses his influences of world music and experience in teaching students of all ages and all levels to offer a unique approach to teaching; focusing on hands-on learning to maximise student enjoyment.


Jeremias is also our group program co-ordinator, he has extensive experience teaching groups, especially all-inclusive band programs. He also assists with the day to day management of the school.

His musical approach is founded upon the melodic songwriting of The Beatles and the guitar playing finesse of Carlos Santana, with punk, jazz and Latin feels within the living-breathing mix. Jeremias performs with his band and collaborates with other Perth musicians while retaining a solid and continuing existence as a soloist. His song A Taste Of Honey, won the ‘World’ category at the WAM Song Of The Year Awards in mid-2017.

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Matt Goodall

Piano Teacher

Teaching combines two great pillars of joy in Matt's life; playing music and working with children.


Matt has had been learning the piano since he was six years old. After acquiring the fundamentals, the way he has primarily learnt music is intuitively and by feeling, which to him is the most important part.

Matt's students say he imparts a love of playing first, then introduces theory.


He has a well developed natural feel for the piano and refined technical ability. His teaching approach is to first establish a love for the creative and playful side of music then allowing that to express itself through a good understanding of theory and technique.   

Matt is one of Player 1's most popular piano teachers due to his love of the piano and teaching both kids and adults! 

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Isabelle Jefferies

Piano and Singing Teacher

Isabelle Jefferies is a highly accomplished and passionate music teacher and performer with a diverse background in contemporary music. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Contemporary Music from the prestigious Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA), where she honed her skills as a vocalist and deepened her understanding of the music world.


As a performer, Isabelle boasts over a decade of experience captivating audiences as a vocalist. Her rich experience on stage has instilled in her a profound sense of musical expression and communication, which she now shares with her students.


Isabelle's strength as a music teacher lies not only in her impressive performance background but also in her versatility. She possesses the expertise to guide her students through the early stages of AMEB (Australian Music Examinations Board) piano, helping them lay a strong foundation and develop their piano skills. Furthermore, her comprehensive knowledge of music theory ensures that her students understand the principles underpinning their musical journey.


One of Isabelle's most notable qualities as an educator is her patient and compassionate approach to teaching. She believes in nurturing her students' musical abilities at their own pace, tailoring her lessons to meet their individual needs and aspirations. Her support and encouragement fosters an environment where students feel comfortable and inspired to explore and excel in their musical endeavours.


Isabelle firmly believes in the significance of fundamental music theory for all music students, including vocalists. Understanding music theory provides students with a deeper insight into the mechanics of music, enabling them to communicate and interpret music with greater precision and emotional depth. As a vocal teacher, she ensures that her students grasp the essential theoretical concepts, enriching their vocal performances and fostering a more profound connection to the music they sing.


With her exceptional background, patient teaching style, and dedication to foundational music theory, Isabelle continues to impact the lives of her students, nurturing their musical talents and inspiring them to reach new heights in their musical journey. Her commitment to teaching and performing has solidified her place as an invaluable mentor and role model in the world of contemporary music.

Photo 10-11-2022, 7 18 12 pm.jpg

Chris Benato

Guitar, Bass, Ukulele and Band Facilitator

Chris Benato is a dedicated music educator and a vital member of the Player 1 Music School team. With expertise in guitar, ukulele, and bass guitar, Chris empowers students to explore their musical potential while fostering a love for music.

About Chris:

Chris is not only a skilled musician but also a patient, adaptable, and caring instructor. His nurturing approach creates a supportive learning environment where students feel encouraged to develop their skills at their own pace.

Experience and Qualifications:

With over a decade of experience playing guitar and bass, Chris brings a wealth of knowledge to his teaching practice. He began teaching professionally in 2019 and has since become a respected mentor in the music community.

Chris recently completed a Bachelor of Music (performance) from WAAPA (Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts), demonstrating his commitment to excellence in music education. He plans to further his studies in education and teaching to continue enriching the learning experiences of his students.

Passion for Mentoring:

Chris is passionate about mentoring students in all aspects of playing, including performance, songwriting, and sound production. He also facilitates our Rock Band program, guiding students in collaborative music-making and ensemble performance.

Inclusive Teaching Approach:

With experience working with students of all ability levels, ages, and backgrounds, Chris ensures that every student feels valued and supported in their musical journey. His inclusive teaching approach promotes a sense of belonging and encourages students to reach their full potential.

Join Chris Benato and the rest of our team at Player 1 Music School, where we believe in nurturing talent and inspiring creativity through music.

Contact us to book a lesson with Chris or learn more about our programs.

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Kayla Beattie-Gohrt 

Vocal and Piano Teacher

Kayla has been performing from as early as 9 years old when she began learning her first instrument: piano.


Growing up in a musical household, she was encouraged to explore all facets of music by her father, who has been playing guitar in rock bands around Perth for over 20 years. Having played an array of instruments growing up (including guitar, drums and saxophone), Kayla has gained a wide understanding of many genres. 


Kayla specialises in teaching vocalists of all levels, as well as beginner piano. She spent 5 years honing her skills at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts and playing in countless gigs around Perth. From large shows singing with Perth Symphony Orchestra to small piano bars, Kayla has immersed herself in a range of musical projects. 


In her lessons Kayla focusses on cultivating each student's authentic artistry and giving them the practical skills, theoretical knowledge and confidence to express that. 


Joel Bosch

Drums and Percussion Teacher

Joel Bosch is a dynamic drummer and a valuable member of the Player 1 Music School team. With a deep passion for music, particularly in the realm of jazz, Joel brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his role as a drum instructor.

About Joel:

Joel is not just a drummer; he's a versatile musician proficient in multiple instruments. His classical and jazz training has honed his skills to perfection, allowing him to excel in various musical genres and styles.


Joel boasts extensive experience in bands and ensembles, showcasing his versatility and adaptability as a musician. His proficiency extends beyond performance; Joel is skilled in music scoring, theory, and montage, enriching his teaching repertoire.

Leadership and Interpersonal Skills:

With excellent leadership qualities and interpersonal skills, Joel effortlessly connects with students of all ages. His ability to relate to individuals fosters a conducive learning environment, where students feel encouraged to explore and express themselves through music.

Academic Background:

Joel's strong academic background underscores his dedication to continuous learning and growth. He is currently completing his studies at WAAPA in Jazz (specialising in drums).

Self-Motivated and Adaptable:

Driven by a passion for mastering new challenges, Joel thrives on pushing musical boundaries. His adaptability ensures that he remains responsive to the evolving needs of his students, tailoring lessons to maximise learning outcomes.

Joel Bosch embodies the spirit of excellence and passion for music at Player 1 Music School. As a drummer and music educator, he inspires students to unlock their musical potential and embark on a journey of self-discovery through rhythm and melody.

Join Joel and the rest of our team at Player 1 Music School, where we are dedicated to nurturing talent and fostering a lifelong love for music.

Contact us to book a lesson with Joel or learn more about our programs.

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