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Join us for an unforgettable rhythmic journey!


Introducing our exclusive 4-week Percussion Ensemble Program, where passion, skill, and creativity converge to create mesmerising beats that will captivate audiences and leave you spellbound!


Experience the power of percussion like never before as you embark on a transformative musical adventure. Led by Matthew Lyall Cole, this program offers a unique opportunity to learn, collaborate, and refine your skills alongside a talented ensemble of like-minded individuals.


From beginners looking to explore the world of percussion to seasoned musicians seeking to enhance their ensemble skills, our program is designed for all levels of experience. Discover the joy of collective music-making as you rehearse and perform with fellow percussion enthusiasts, building friendships and a sense of camaraderie along the way.


Expand your musical horizons and unlock your full potential during our exhilarating workshops at Player 1. Showcase your newfound talent and passion to your friends, as you command the stage with precision, energy, and a contagious rhythm that will ignite their spirits.


Enrol now and let the beats move you!

Our hands on approach to teaching will have you playing from your very first lesson.


Our curriculum covers key elements of drum instruction, from hand/foot coordination and proper stick placement to more advanced rudiments, poly-rhythms and ethnic beats.

Lessons are offered by Cain, a professional drummer, and experienced music teacher completing his Bachelor of Music Education at WAAPA.


Lessons are designed to be enjoyable to ignite a passion for learning music! The course is catered to each students goals in music; students are encouraged to learn songs and styles they enjoy listening to. 

Player 1 provides a performance platform at the Player 1 Annual End of Year Recital Concert which gives each student the chance to show family members and friends how much they have learnt through the year, fostering pride and confidence in their abilities. 

We are a family friendly and all ages music school; our main aim is to foster an enjoyment for learning music!


We strive to create a positive experience with learning music by tailoring lessons to the student and the music that inspires them. Whether you are an absolute beginner or wish to improve on your skills, we can work with you to achieve your goals. 

Lessons are offered Mondays through Saturdays in 30 minute or 45 minute sessions or in groups.

To try the drums click HERE and we will contact you to discuss your goals and arrange a trial lesson. 


Drum lessons are suitable for ages 5 years and over. Adults always welcome!

Group Rhythm Lessons or Private Drums Lessons! 


Book a trial lesson online or by calling us on 0450 752 462 or email us

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