Lessons are suitable for ages 5 years and above. Adults always welcome!

Our guitar teachers are available during the day and evenings for homeschoolers or adults in group sessions or private lessons. 

Book a trial lesson online or by calling us on 0450 752 462 or email us

Acoustic or electric guitar, bass guitar & ukulele in a range of styles and levels, classical to contemporary.  


We provide lessons based on each students needs with a structured step-by-step approach in a friendly and supportive environment at our North Perth studio.

What you will learn:

  • How to identify strings, frets and fingers

  • Understand your guitar and its parts - Pickups, Machine Heads, Nuts, the Neck, Sound Holes and plenty more!

  • Notes one at a time, before you play a chord

  • How to Read Tabs

  • How to Fret Properly

  • How to Tune your Guitar

  • How to Practice

  • Quarter Note Strums

  • How to Play With a Pick

  • Lock your Hand in with the Beat

  • Riffing

  • Rhythm 101--Understand this and you will understand how chords work

  • Strumming and More!!!


The Player 1 Concert is held once per year, and is a chance to show off your skills to your family and friends and build confidence playing to an audience!

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