Lessons are suitable for ages 5 years and above. Adults always welcome!

Our guitar teachers are available during the day and evenings for homeschoolers or adults in group sessions or private lessons. 

Book a trial lesson online or by calling us on 0450 752 462 or email us

At Player 1 we proudly tailor our lessons according to student’s needs, abilities, interest and skills. With a close follow-up week by week and a hands-on approach we make sure students get to understand all the elements involved in being a proficient musician.


From Aural exercises to sight-reading we cover the whole range of stringed instruments (Guitar, Bass and Ukulele).


Our experienced tutors will apply the most effective, engaging and a fun approach according to the student's needs, whether they are beginners, adults, intermediate or advanced. 


Key elements of our lessons: 


  • Sight-reading.

  • TAB Reading.

  • Subdivisions, counting and rhythm 

  • Intervals, aural practice

  • Notes on the fretboard

  • Strumming patterns. 

  • Fingerpicking patterns (intermediate and advanced)

  • Pick technique.

  • Thumb technique, based on a classical guitar approach.

  • Playing along to a metronome or backing track.

  • Chords and voicing.

  • Inversions.

  • Contemporary repertoire (rock songs).



"Too late for me to learn!"


It is never too late – nor too early – to immerse yourself in the wonderful universe of music! 


Our tutors are qualified and experienced with students from all backgrounds, age, abilities and previous experience!


Book your free trial with us. We love sharing our passion for music!

Acoustic or electric guitar, bass guitar & ukulele in a range of styles and levels, classical to contemporary.  


The Player 1 Concert is held once per year, and is a chance to show off your skills to your family and friends and build confidence playing to an audience!

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