Acoustic or electric guitar, bass guitar & ukulele in a range of styles and levels, classical to contemporary.  


We provide lessons based on each students needs with a structured step-by-step approach in a friendly and supportive environment at our North Perth studio.

What you will learn:

  • How to identify strings, frets and fingers

  • Understand your guitar and its parts - Pickups, Machine Heads, Nuts, the Neck, Sound Holes and plenty more!

  • Notes one at a time, before you play a chord

  • How to Read Tabs

  • How to Fret Properly

  • How to Tune your Guitar

  • How to Practice

  • Quarter Note Strums

  • How to Play With a Pick

  • Lock your Hand in with the Beat

  • Riffing

  • Rhythm 101--Understand this and you will understand how chords work

  • Strumming and More!!!


The Player 1 Concert is held once per year, and is a chance to show off your skills to your family and friends and build confidence playing to an audience!

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    David Kent 

    Guitar, Bass, Ukulele

    David has completed his Bachelor of Music (Jazz) at WAAPA.


    He has experience teaching kids 8+ years from complete beginners through to experienced musicians wanting to hone particular skills on the guitar.


    David teaches technique, theory, aural skills and/or reading based on what the student is looking to learn. He places focus on each student’s individual goals and teaching guitar skills practically by learning the songs they want to play, he will suggest tunes to learn based on areas they want to develop.


    In his experience that has been the most fun way to learn that encourages practice! 


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    Aiden Moroney

    Guitar, Bass, Ukulele 

    What year did you start teaching guitar?

    I started teaching guitar in 2017.


    What music qualifications have you completed?

    I'm currently completing a Bachelor of Jazz Performance.


    What music training or short courses have you completed?

    I've completed ATAR Music, a High Fidelity music industry course and 11 years of private instruction.


    How old where you when you began learning guitar?

    I was 7 years old.


    What other instruments do you play?

    Guitar, Bass and Ukulele (and I'm trying to learn piano).


    What are your strengths as a guitar teacher?

    My strengths as a teacher are structuring lessons and practice routines through the evaluation of individual students and ensuring measurable progress in students. I think it's important to give students a fundamental understanding of music, as well as the necessary instrumental skills to perform it.


    What do you like about teaching guitar?

    I enjoy perpetuating a love for music, and the satisfaction of creating and evaluating measurable progress in students.

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    Marché Bantum

    Guitar, Music Production

    What year did you start teaching guitar?

    I started playing guitar in 2009


    What music qualifications have you completed?

    Currently enrolled in a Bachelor of Audio at SAE specializing in music production and composition


    What music training or short courses have you completed?

    I have not completed any particular course, but I did under go classical guitar lessons for four years, and continue to expand my musical knowledge through my music production and studio work.


    How old where you when you began learning guitar?



    What other instruments do you play?

    Piano, and I consider the voice an instrument! 


    What are your strengths as a teacher?

    I am patient, empathetic but also enthusiastic about music and musical development. I really like to get inside the mind of the student and understand what they are trying to achieve musically, and guide them to be able to manifest it themselves. 


    What do you like about teaching guitar?

    What I like most about teaching guitar is sharing my philosophy about and approach toward music with people. It's difficult to learn an instrument; but with the right mind-set and approach to practice I strongly believe that student will emerge as an independent and innovative creative, who is always keen to have a go and generate new ideas based of their own unique musical identity.  


    Is there anything else that you would like to add?

    I am very passionate about showing students talents and abilities that they may not already know they have. Within the wider scheme of making music, I am also passionate about teaching students the essence of composition, songwriting and music production and how/why certain instruments fit the way they do within any given song. 

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